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15 Of The Most Unique Benches Ever Created

After a long walk in nature, there’s nothing better than to rest on a comfy bench under the sun in the park. Some cities even go that far and create really unusual and creative bench designs that you definitely have never seen before and that are almost as comfortable as sitting at home in your own living room.

Check out these 15 unique bench styles and find out which one is your favorite.

(h/t: boredpanda.com)

#1 Typewriter Bench

Image credit: unknown

#2 Custom Curve Seats, Cadigal Green, University Of Sydney, Australia

Image credit: Taylor Cullity Lethlean

#3 Creative Park Bench, Massachusetts

Image credit: Sheila Kennedy

#4 Seats In The Shape Of A Tulip By Tulpi Design

Image credit: TulpiDesign

#5 Park In Vöcklabruck, Austria

Image credit: Roland Barthofer

#6 Paprocany Lake Shore Redevelopment

Image credit: Tomasz Zakrzewski

#7 The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe Book Bench, London

Image credit: hiddeninabook

#8 Off-ground, Copenhagen, Denmark

Image credit: cargocollective

#9 Whale Tail Bench

Image credit: santa barbarian

#10 Bench In Kiev, Ukraine

Image credit: unknown

#11 The Blue Carpet In Newcastle, England

Image credit: Anton Deque,Steve

#12 Bench By Alleswirdgut Architektur, Luxembourg

Image credit: AllesWirdGut Architektur

#13 Bench Out Of Pencils In Kiev, Ukraine

Image credit: Sveta BSvetaReport

#14 Musical Bench

Image credit: unknown

#15 Rotating Bench Keeps The Seat Dry After Rain

Image credit: Yanko design
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