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People Got Offered T-Shirts For Only 2 Euros And Yet Nobody Wanted To Buy Them. Here’s Why.

It’s nothing new that people are into cheap clothing because either they’re not satisfied with just a few basics and believe that they need more and more stuff to be happy or just to “meet society’s standards.”

One would think that in this day and age, people know how and where cheap fashion is produced, but it seems like that the message did not reach everybody’s ears yet.

The following video shows both. On the one hand, the surprised and shocked faces of people, who are offered a t-shirt for 2 euros and are at the same time confronted with the workers who were involved in making them, and, on the other hand,  the ones who already seem to know the sad truth but were reminded all over again of how unfair it really is. Both groups, however, have one thing in common. When they’re directly confronted with the truth, almost all act the same way.

Video Credit: Fashion Revolution
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