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15 Of The Most Adorable Baby Hippos Ever Captured On Camera

Everyone of us goes through bad days from time to time. So why stress even more by reading or watching the news after a hard day of work or right in the morning before you start out.

Look at those adorable baby hippos instead. Trust me, they will make everything better in an instant. And if you’re really busy, just check out #9 quickly and tell me how you can not just fall in love with those beautiful beings.


Image credit: Ken Bohn


Image credit: agaunews


Image credit: urbanmenagerie


Image credit: tomotomotomomo


Image credit: kozanetMelik


Image credit: Steve Bloom Images


Image credit: ruger78


Image credit: Tambako The Jaguar


Image credit: Anna Francis


Image credit: ED OUDENAARDEN


Image credit: Giphy


Image credit: Cincinnati Zoo


Image credit: imgur


Image credit: Ken Bohn


Image credit: Cincinnati Zoo
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