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Chinese City Plans To Built The First Vertical Forest Of Asia

Since it seems that our cities will keep on growing more and more over the coming years and green spaces will decrease significantly, we have to start not only thinking of an alternative for efficient providers of oxygen, but actually implement them.

Nanjing, a city in China, now followed the example of two other major cities, Milan and Lausanne in Switzerland, and plans to build the first vertical forest of Asia.

The two towers will be called the Nanjing Towers and are planned to be completed in 2018. Designed by Italian architect Stefano Boeri, they will house over 1,000 trees and approximately 2,500 shrubs from 23 different local species.

Beside all the greenery the tall tower will also contain offices, a museum, a rooftop club as well as an green architecture school. The smaller one will have a rooftop pool and Hyatt hotel with 247 rooms.

More info: stefanoboeriarchitetti.net| Facebook

The planned vertical forests in Nanjing, China

The planned buildings for Lausanne, Switzerland

The already finished two vertical forests in Milan, Italy called Bosco Verticale

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