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This Artist Draws His Lost Friend’s Life In A Comic To Inspire You To Live Just Like Him

We work day in and day out in jobs we hate, just to accumulate stuff that is supposed to make us “happy” and still go on complaining about our boring lives.

Patrick Joseph Falterman II had enough of it. He actually did what many of us just dream about and lived a life of adventure. A short one however, because he died in a plane accident when he was only 26-years-old.

This comic was created by a friend of his, an artist named Cale from the website Things in Squares, as a tribute to Patrick’s positive outlook on life and that he actually managed to fit more amazing experiences into his short time than most people do in 70+ years.

More info: Things In Squares | Facebook | Hitchtheworld.com

If you enjoyed this comic strip, be sure to check out the entire comic here.

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