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10 Comics That Tell You The Secret About Happiness And Where Not To Search For It

We all want to be happy in life but there always seems to be something that holds us back. For example, another person might be happier than us and that makes us feel miserable, we might want to “buy” us happiness with material goods or we really try to be more positive in life, but we still just cannot reach that ultimate point of happiness that we search for.

The following comics are about this journey to happiness, which sometimes seems to be a never ending hunt. While there’s no particular answer to where to find happiness exactly, you might take a break from your search now and check the following short comics out instead. And who knows, maybe one of them will give you the hint that you needed for so long.

Image credit: anythingcomic

Image credit: lolnein

Image credit: zenpencils

Image credit: owlturd
Image credit: cinismoilustrado

Image credit: theawkwardyeti

Image credit: zenpencils

Image credit: zenpencils

Image credit: Mimi and Eunice

Image credit: owlturd
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