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15 Usages Of Light & Shadow That Form Unique Designs On The Skin Of Photographed Models

A photo lives from light and shadows and as a photographer you do not only need your technical skill set, but also a lot of creativity in order to create interesting results with the light and shadows you have available at the moment.

This collection features 15 outstanding examples of photographers who took it to the next level and used natural shadows in order to create unique designs and patterns on the skin of their models.

(h/t: demilked.com)

Image credit: Solve Sundsbo
Image credit: Cristiana Pantea

Image credit: xaqnoseduermanmisentidos

Image credit: Emilio Jimenez

Image credit: David Basanta

Image credit: Charles Nevols

Image credit: kristinsundberg

Image credit: Wendy Hope

Image credit: Ferdinando Scianna

Image credit: Francis Giacobetti

Image credit: Heather Mason

Image credit: George Mayer

Image credit: Emilio Jimenez

Image credit: Jannic Borlum

Image credit: Neil Snape
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