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Date Someone Who Accepts You Exactly The Way You Are



In an ideal world, dating is the first step into long-term relationship in which you spend the rest of your life with someone you love and who loves you back. Before you make the important decision to end up creating and sharing your life stories with that person, however, there is the process of getting to know each other, recognizing each other’s flaws, and making compromises. All these things should start with a simple dating.

Nobody Is Perfect

It seems as if the phrase “nobody is perfect” has been used for exceedingly too many times that you tend to forget what it actually means. When you say no one is perfect, the term also applies for yourself. Dating is not about a journey to find a life partner who has all the positive characteristics without any single bad thing attached to this partner’s personality; it is mostly about finding a person who can accept you for what you really are. It is nearly impossible to be perfect in every way. Even if you try to be or act like the perfect person, chances are you lie or just being deceptive. You cannot and should not date a person who looks for something you don’t have and vice versa.

Be a Stronger Individual

It is practically useless trying to be perfect. No matter how hard you try to conceal your flaws, they will always find ways to get the better of you. Your true individuality is in constant constraint; although your partner probably finds it acceptable and feels happy about it, you basically imprison yourself in a circle of deceptions. When the flaws are revealed (they are going to be anyway, eventually), you and your dating partner get nothing but sorrows and broken hearts.

Everybody has fantasized image of perfection, but it does not mean people only accept perfect-others as life partners. Let us be honest, your date is not exactly the picture of perfection either so it makes no sense to be deceptive about your true personality.

No Need to Impress

A good date is someone you don’t need to impress. This person is already impressed by your personality, so you don’t feel the need to lie as well. When you have a rough day that leads to anger and desperation, a good date will be there by your side to support and love you through difficult life challenges instead of leaving you behind for someone new.

Honesty is the mother of all good relationships. Be honest about who and what you are, if your date embraces all the good things along with the weirdness and silliness of you, never let that person go.

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