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7 Amazing Earthships You Wish You Could Live In. #6 Is Unbelievably Beautiful.

Here you will see seven 100% sustainable Earthships which are impressive, cheap to build, and without doubt awesome to live your entire life in!

These eco-friendly homes derive their electricity by harnessing solar and wind power, their water from rain and snow and their temperature regulation directly from Earth.

Here are some more amazing facts about Earthships:

1.) They provide enough sunlight to have a decent size greenhouse for growing your own food.


Image: Mister Joe



Image: earthship.com

2.)  They harvest their own water from rain and snow.

earthships_3 earthships_4

Image: Earthship Kirsten

3.) They make their own electricity.


Image: losangeleshomes.eu

4.) NO Bills means freedom!


Image: steampunkopera.wordpress.com

5.) They heat and cool themselves naturally via solar/thermal dynamics


Image: inspirationgreen.com

6.) WOW!


Image: purnaarchitects.in

7.) They are constructed using the byproducts of modern society like cans, bottles and tires

earthships_9 earthships_10

Image: conceptrends.com


Really, does it get any more sustainable than this? SHARE these awesome Earthships – they deserve more people’s attention!

 Credit: True Activist
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