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This Epic Scene From ‘Planet Earth II’ Is Better Than Any Superhero Movie – And It’s REAL!

We love going to the movies and watching our favorite heroes fight for their own life and the lives of thousands of other people. If it’s a good one, we’re emotionally invested, we feel like we’re a part of what’s happening on the screen and an hour and a half later everything is over, we go back to our homes safe and sound. After all, it was just fiction!

What we often seem to forget is that there’s a constant fight going on in nature: a war among animals that try to get their food, and of the other party that just wants to survive. They might not wear a shiny armor or have big muscles, but it’s real life and it happens around the clock.

This fight can be watched in one of the most epic real life footages that has ever been recorded for ‘Planet Earth II’. Prepare to be thrilled!

(h/t: lifecoachcode.com)

Video credit: BBC
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