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20 Fruits & Veggies In Unique Shapes That Look Like They Actually Came To Life

Nature is incredibly unique and never fails to surprise us anew every time we pay close attention to it. Just like these 20 cool fruits and vegetables in the funniest shapes imaginable.

The Radish in number 8 looks like it actually came to life!

(h/t: boredpanda.com)

#1 Yes, That’s A Carrot In A Hot Tub.

Image credit: obvincognito

#2 What A Strong Pepper!

Image credit: designgrl

#3 A Butterfly Strawberry That Is About To Fly Away.

Image credit: whoisthismilfhere

#4 This Carrot Is Bustin A Move!

Image credit: Tatsputin

#5 An Onion With The Face Of An Angry Bird.

Image credit: imgur.com

#6 An Adorable Baby Elephant Lemon.

Image credit: fink

#7 This Eggplant Looks Like A Character Straight Out Of A Children’s Book.

Image credit: boredboarder8

#8 That Radish Looks Like He’s On A Mission!

Image credit: DD1234567

#9 A Teddy Potato – Not Only Suitable For Children.

Image credit: Geoff Robinson

#10 An Apple And Its Roommate.

Image credit: RascalsWager

#11 A Giant Radish Foot!

Image credit: imgur.com

#12 These Fruits Look Like Parrots.

Image credit: tumaggus

#13 Passionate Carrots.

Image credit: kevorkian82

#14 Jack, Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls.

Image credit: the2belo

#15 All This Duck Shaped Tomato Wants Is Bathwater And A Kid To Play With…

Image credit: unknown

#16 Mystic Dragon Pumpkin.

Image credit: uglypatty

#17 I Love You Daddy-Carrot!

Image credit: TheBatarang

#18 Looks Like The Devil Planted That Tomato Vine…

Image credit: imgur

#19 It’s A Sea Lion Potato!

Image credit: uglyfruitandveg

#20 Don’t Tell Me You Find This Apple More Attractive Than Me?

Image credit: unknown
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