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You Might Be Missing Out On The Greatest Drama Of All Time: Real Life

A lot of us enjoy watching TV shows such as Game of Thrones. We love to empathize with the characters, to be shocked by their deaths and to be happy when your favorite one succeeds. Afterwards we turn off our devices, still amazed by what we just saw and grateful that this is not actually happening in real life. Or is it?

This video contains a powerful message that everyone should hear. It addresses one of the main problems in our modern society: The fact that we live in a world of screens, being constantly entertained and therefore extremely detached from reality, not seeing that the world around us is just as cruel, unfair and shocking as the TV shows you enjoy watching so much.

SPOILER ALERT: Contains Season 3 Game of Thrones footage.

More info: You Get What You Pay For

Video credit: rwrite dotorg
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