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Kintsugi — 24 Images That Will Teach You To Embrace The Beauty Of Imperfection

Nothing in this world is perfect. Striving for perfection might admittedly make you better at something, but it will never bring you any closer to perfection itself. So instead of chasing this unattainable goal for the rest of your life, why not do as the Japanese do: Embracing the flawed, the imperfect.

This is exactly what the Japanese art, Kintsugi, does. It is the art of repairing broken pottery with gold. This way the breakage becomes part of the history of an object, and forms a whole new, often even more beautifully looking piece of art than it was before.

(h/t: mymodernmet.com)

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Kintugi

Photo credit: The Book of Life

Photo credit: Amusing Planet

Photo credit: June’s Child

Photo credit: Amusing Planet

Photo credit: Tom Is Not a Boy

Photo credit: Awaken

Photo credit: Amusing Planet

Photo credit: Voiceblog

Photo credit: The Book of Life
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