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16 Incredibly Beautiful Trees From All Around The World. #8 Will Blow Your Mind!

Trees are life. They provide shelter, are a home for many animals and give us oxygen to breath. At the same time, each one is also incredibly beautiful, unique and some of them are so old, they could tell you the most interesting stories about a time long before you were even born.

While not all images in this collection technically depict trees, but rather bushes and vines, they’re still just as beautiful as their bigger siblings. Browse through the pictures and enjoy.

(h/t: brightside.me)

#1 Moss-Covered Southern Beech Tree

Image credit: Drew Hopper

#2 144-Year-Old Wisteria From Japan

Image credit:  tungnam

#3 Alley Of Beech Trees

Image credit: Stephen Emerson

#4 Cherry Trees

Image credit: Adas Meliauskas

#5 Dragon Blood Trees

Image credit: Csilla Zelko

#6 Rainbow Eucalyptus

Image credit: jwilsonnorton

#8 125-Year-Old Rhododendron

Image credit: Reddit

#9 Jacaranda Trees

Image credit: Elizabeth Kendall

#10 Delonix Regia

Image credit: Salete T Silva

#11 Trees Twisted By Strong Winds

Image credit: flickr

#12 Giant Sequoia

Image credit: Michael Nichols

#13 Oak Alley

Image credit: Lee Sosby

#14 Maple Tree Tunnel

Image credit: Ian Sane

#15 Baobab Trees

Image credit: confitalsurf

#16 Angel Oak Tree

Image credit: Daniela Duncan