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Ingenious Animal Bridges Around The World Save The Lives Of Thousands Of Animals

Thousands of animals get killed every year by all kinds of vehicles around the world. In order to save them, some countries really do a great job by installing ingenious animal bridges around heavily trafficked areas.

France was the first country to built an animal bridge in 1950s. Soon afterwards, other countries followed this positive example.

(h/t: boredpanda.com)

#1 Ecoduct In Banff National Park, Canada

Image Credit: Joel Sartore

#2 A Green Wildlife Bridge Over An Autobahn In Germany

Image Credit: unknown

#3 Trans-Canada Highway In Banff National Park

Image Credit: highwaywilding

#4 Turtle Tunnel In Japan

Image Credit: sumasui

#5 Salamander Tunnels In New England

Image Credit: Noah Charney

#6 Wildlife Crossing In Belgium

Image Credit: michielap

#7 Blue Penguin Underpass In New Zealand

Image Credit: Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony

#8 Crab Bridge On Christmas Island

Image Credit: Kristy Faulker

#9 Ecoduct In Singapore

Image Credit: cheekyasian
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