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Japanese Artist Paints Delicate Figures Of Asian Woman Submerged With Nature

Japanese artist Miho Hirano, an immensely talented painter has managed to create a beautiful oil paintings that depict the delicate, almost ethereal beauty of an Asian woman submerged with nature, using soft colors and fluid brushstrokes.

Below is a collection of some of her best works of art that will take you to a fantasy-land of beauty and wonder.

More info: Website | Facebook | Instagram

japanese-beauty-paintings-1 japanese-beauty-paintings-2 japanese-beauty-paintings-3 japanese-beauty-paintings-4 japanese-beauty-paintings-5

japanese-beauty-paintings-6 japanese-beauty-paintings-7 japanese-beauty-paintings-8 japanese-beauty-paintings-9 japanese-beauty-paintings-11 japanese-beauty-paintings-12

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