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10 Amazing Photos Of Light Pillars – A Magical Masterpiece By Mother Nature Herself

There’s no greater artist than Mother Nature herself. One of her greatest works of art is the night sky with all of its bright stars and all kinds of different magnificent phenomena. But perhaps one of her most magical masterpieces are so called “light pillars”, an atmospheric optical phenomenon that you can gaze at in amazement below.

These light pillars are created by ice crystals interacting with light. When the temperature drops, these crystals fall horizontally through the air and act as vessels for light that shoot it upwards.

(h/t: boredpanda.com)

Image credit: Greg Tomaszewicz

Image credit: Atacan Ergin

Image credit: Mike Reva

Image credit: Xinhua

Image credit: Vincent Brady

Image credit: Tristan Greszko

Image credit:Allisha Libby

Image credit: A. Sipiläinen

Image credit: Jani Järvinen

Image credit: Tatu Räty
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