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10 Magical Snapshots Of Children Playing Outside Before Smartphones Were Around

Do you remember the times when you used to play all day long out on the streets as a kid? Having fun with the most mundane things, being together with other kids of the neighborhood or just running around aimlessly until it was time to go to bed again?

Even though we don’t want to tar all kids and their parents with the same brush, a lot of this magic is lost now in our modern “smartphone times” and it needs some really creative parents in order to make kids nowadays play outside, far away from all those electronic devices.

The following little series shows 10 photos of children playing before there was a lot of entertainment at home.

Image credit: Philippe le Tellier
Image credit: Mirrorpix
Image credit: ANP
Image credit: Popperfoto
Image credit: William Vanderson
Image credit: unknown
Image credit: Helen Levitt
Image credit: nationalgeographic.com
Image credit: Getty Images
Image credit: unknown
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