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Polish Photographer Captures The Magical Summers Of Her Kids Without Computers And Videogames

If you were born some time before this century, try to remember your childhood and go back to those cozy summer days when you were playing in the fields or carelessly swimming in the waters of the lake nearby. You didn’t have a smartphone back then, and you might not even have had a computer at home or at least the internet. You were on the streets every single second you could, because being at home was the same as “being bored” for you.

Izabela Urbaniak’s sons and their cousins did exactly that. They played in the village like there’s no tomorrow in a magical month without a computer, the internet and video games. Since 2012, the Polish photographer documented the summers of her kids and their cousins in a photo series called “Summertime”.

More info: izabelaurbaniak.pl | Instagram

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