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Man Builds Amazing Off-Grid Homes Out Of Garbage To Fight Environmental Destruction

“We build out of trees but we don’t want to get rid of them and we want to get rid of garbage, why don’t we try and build out of garbage?”

This is what Michael Reynolds, the inventor of off-grid homes called Earthships, asked himself. What started as a way to recycle ended up for him to be the best way of building houses.

Earthships are solar homes made out of natural and recycled materials, the power of these houses is generated by the sun and wind, water comes from rain and snow that is collected on the roof and funneled into a cistern.

Reynolds says he does not argue with people about his project. If they don’t believe that things need to change on earth, you also can’t convince them. They need to see the destruction themselves. Only then they are ready to change.

More info: earthship.com

Video credit: Flora Lichtman
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