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15 Mind-Challenging Photographs That Look Way Too Photoshopped And Yet They Are Real!

It either needs the well-trained eye of a photographer or just a bit of luck in order to shoot mind-bending and surreal images. A lot of times though, Photoshop does the trick without thinking a lot before taking the shot. In this case however, Photoshop wasn’t in charge. These 15 photographs are real and will totally challenge your mind!

(h/t: demilked.com)

Zhangye Danxia Landform In Gansu, China

Image source: unbelievableinfo.blogspot.it

Anja Rubik In A Dress, Viktor&Rolf Spring/Summer 2010 Show

Image source: Viktor & Rolf

Trees In Schonbrunn Park

Image source: imgur.com

Hausmannian Building On Georges V Ave. In Paris

Image source: Jamie Rose

Salar De Uyuni, The World’s Largest Salt Flat In Bolivia

Image source: walerian walawski

Burnt Utility Pole

Image source: Игорь Подгорный

Frozen Pond, Switzerland

Image source: dartai

Boat That Looks Like It’s Floating On Air

Image source: Dominico Formichella

Mammatus Clouds

Image source: Ken Lewis

Lenticular Clouds

Image source: Brian Middleton

A Pile Of Timber Reflecting In A Puddle

Image source: florian schaller

Falling Book Sculpture, Alicia Martin

Image source: Alicia Martin

Sculpture In New Zealand

Image source: Phonedojo

Trees After A Toxic Spill In Hungary

Image source: Palindromos Meszaros

Undulatus Asperatus

Image source: wittap
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