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One Man Did The Impossible — He Cleaned Up 5 Million Kg Of Rubbish From The Dirtiest Beach In The World!

Afroz Shah, a citizen of Mumbai, proves that one man can make all the difference by doing what first seemed impossible: He started cleaning one of the dirtiest beaches in the world, Versova beach, located in north-western Mumbai.

Slowly other people and even some celebrities joined him in his endeavour and didn’t stop working for 85 weeks until even the last piece of rubbish was gone. In the end, five million kilograms of plastic and filth was removed.

This man is a true hero!

Versova Beach before and after the cleanup. What a difference …

Before everything started the beach was littered with rubbish

You couldn’t even see the ground anymore!

But as soon as one man tried to make a change, others joined

They put all of their strength together

Grown ups, kids …

… and even the dogs!

The hard work of 85 weeks payed off …

… and made the beach what it is today!

Now Versova Beach in Mumbai is no longer the dirtiest beach in the world

What a brilliant achievement!

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