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17 Breathtaking Images From Europe’s First Underwater Museum

If you’re a lover of museums, you know that certain charm they can have on the visitor while walking through their countless exhibitions. You’re able to breath in the spirit of another time period or the love and passion that the artists incorporated in their unique masterpieces.

Now, a completely new and never before seen museum opened its “doors” in Lanzarote: Europe’s first underwater museum, Museo Atlantico!

Here, Jason deCaires Taylor exhibits 300 works spread over 12 installations that mix aesthetic beauty and environmental sensibility. Each piece of art is created from marine-grade cement. This encourages new ecosystems and makes the sculptures transform over time into something special that can only be created by the sea itself and that seems totally out of this world.

More info: underwatersculpture.com | Instagram (h/t: mymodernmet.com)

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