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18 Extraordinary Images Depicting The Uniqueness Of The Indigenous Tribes Of The World

Indigenous tribes are always fascinating to watch in photographs or video footage. Their lives seem to be completely different from ours, almost out of this world and yet we want to know more about their habits, rituals and traditions.

Italian photographer Mattia Passarini lives in Asia for more than 10 years now and documents the parts of disappearing cultures that Westerners are so interested in.

In extraordinary images, he achieves to brings these tribes closer to us. May it be the people of the Congo or the Bambuti, he depicts each of them in a unique and captivating way that will make you browse through his photos for hours.

More info: Mattia Passarini | Instagram | Facebook

(h/t: mymodernmet.com)

Yali tribe

Kejia village in Burang county

Iban man from Malaysia

Kalash people of Pakistan

Girl from Long Horn Miao ethnic group

Mentawai woman of the Siberut islands

Man from the Yali tribe

Ladakh woman from India

Yi (or Lolo) man

Yi (or Lolo) woman, an ethnic group in China, Vietnam, and Thailand

Woman from the Kinnaura tribal community

Kenyah woman from Borneo

Kalash woman from Pakistan

Jats of Kutch from West India

Member of the Bambuti pygmy group

Members of the Apatani tribal group from northeast India

Bambuti pygmy group of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Drokpa woman from northern India

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