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Why You Should Never Give Up On Someone You Love, Even When It’s Hard



It seems like these days people are so quick to walk away from relationships, and the people they love all because things just get way too hard, and they feel like there is no other way.

It’s such a sad thing to see because you have these people who are completely in love with each other, but aren’t together, and you also have people who don’t love each other who are together. That’s not what love should be.

Love should be so much more. It shouldn’t be having a new boyfriend/girlfriend every week, and telling them you love them. It shouldn’t be settling for someone because you feel like you’ll never have anything more.

Love won’t be easy. You won’t find it and then just be happy. It’s something that you have to work for. It’s going to take time, and work, but with the right person, it is definitely worth it.

You should never give up on someone that you love, even if the circumstances are hard. And I’ll tell you why…..

There are people in this world that don’t get to experience love.  There are people who live every single day with this lonely feeling of never having known what it might be like to love, ad be loved in return. And that’s a real shame, because as anyone who has been loved, knows that it is one of the most magical feelings a person could experience.

There are people who love someone who doesn’t love them back. I think at one point or another we have all loved someone who either didn’t return our feelings, or later starting falling out of love with us, and that hurts. And knowing what that might feel like, when you see two people who are indeed madly in love with each other, it would appear silly that they aren’t together.

There are the people who want to love someone, but they just can’t give them what they need. For instance, say there is a girl who has been through trauma, and can’t see past it, so she cuts ties with any kind of emotional connection she might be able to have because of the fact that she is facing her own inner demons. That ends up being one of the most saddest situations because of the fact that she wants to give, she just hasn’t made it to a point where she can.

And then there are the people who have lost the person they loved. Whether they were married with a family, they were just dating, or whatever the case might be, the person they loved died, and they won’t ever see them again. They won’t ever be able to tell them how much they love them again. They will never be able to hold them in their arms, and feel that safe connection that someone feels with the person they love. It’s gone forever, and the person they loved was ripped away from them.

So my point here is just that if you love someone, truly, and deeply love them, don’t wait. Make sure that they know that, and don’t let obstacles and problems get in the way of that. Fight for the love that the two of you share. Hold on to it with everything that you have. Don’t break up over a fight. Don’t break up because things are hard. Don’t break up over distance. Don’t break up because your best friend or your family doesn’t like them. Don’t break up unless there truly isn’t love between with you. Because I’m going to tell you something, you never know what might come tomorrow, and while you think you may have all the time in the world, they could die tomorrow and you will have missed your chance on what could be the best thing you’ve ever had and you will be spending the rest of your life regretting your decision.

Don’t let anything stop you from being with the person you love. There are a million people in the world right now who wish they could be with the one they love, but can’t. So do them all a favor and just don’t let the problems stop you from loving the person who loves you just as much. Because that my friend, well it sure would be a waste.

Originally posted on puckermob.com
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